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Clusters Coffee Roasted Single Origin Coffee Beans

When your single origin coffee beans arrive at your door, it is most likely that you could not finish a whole bag of beans in on go unless you have a major coffee tasting party!  How would you store your beans to ensure that the fresh roasted flavour is preserved as long as possible?  We here suggest our top 5 ways to carefully store your excess beans until your next cup.

1.  Whole beans

Buying coffee in whole beans is the most suggested method to have the best coffee experience.  This is because the particles of ground coffee are easily exposed to oxygen and become stale, losing its freshness and deteriorates within a short period of time. Do not pre-grind the coffee into powder, only grind your coffee right before you are about to brew your coffee.

2.  Keeping beans in a airtight canister

Keep your coffee in sealed bags or air-tight containers in order to prevent oxygen from making your coffee become stale.  Coffee's retail packaging is generally not ideal for long-term storage. If possible, purchase storage canisters with an airtight seal.

3.  Purchasing the amount you need every time and open a bag each time

Your favourite coffee might not be available in your local cafe, it could even be from another country!  In order to reduce the negative effects of coffee exposing to oxygen, open only one packet of coffee at a time.  Do not over order as coffee will start losing their flavour after it is roasted and exposed to oxygen.

4.  Purchase your coffee with appropriate packaging

Remember to purchase coffee that is packed in foil or aluminium and especially with one-way valve. After roasting of coffee, carbon dioxide will be generated, the one-way valve can reduce the effects of oxidation, prevent the deterioration of coffee quality, at the same time, it keeps the coffee fresh by allowing carbon dioxide inside the bag to be discharged properly and avoid the bag from bursting.

5.  “Be Cool!”

Avoid high temperature environment and direct sunlight when storing coffee.However, never store coffee in the fridge. This is because when coffee is taken out of the fridge into room temperature, condensation will have built up and then absorbed into the coffee, thus impacting its quality.

Our beans are well packaged so that once they are delivered, they are as fresh as possible.  Of course once you have received them we suggest to use one of the above methods to keep your single origin beans fresh.  Have a look at our range of single origin coffee beans and make sure you register an account to enjoy our welcome offer!

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