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Purchasing the right coffee beans and equipments such as a grinder will improve drastically in the quality of the cup of coffee you can make at home or in the office.  But do you know the method you use to brew your coffee depends on the level of grind you require for the best cup?  Below we are sharing some reference pointers for you so that next time before you are making your cup of coffee you know what type of grind you should look for.

Brewing method we will cover are

  • Pour Over
  • Aeropress
  • Chemex
  • Syphon
  • French Press
  • Moka Pot
  • Expresso

Pour Over - Medium

Clusters Coffee hand drip pour over grind coffee beans

Brewing a Pour-Over, the taste depends on the level of your grind because the taste you are getting is in proportional to the time the water have contact with your coffee.

Aeropress - Medium/Fine

Clusters Coffee Aeropress grind coffee beans

Using an Aeropress is a flexible way to make a quick cup of coffee and the grind size will depend on how quick you want your coffee.  If you really can’t wait and seeking for a quick brew time like 2 minutes, you would want to have a fine grind with a smooth feeling when your finger rub against the powder.  If you are willing to wait a little bit long for your brew time like 3 minutes, you would want a medium grind.

Chemex - Medium

Clusters coffee chemex grind coffee beans

What you want to achieve while brewing in Chemex is not allow the water to go through quickly.  By having the medium grind, this will allow for the best extraction and flow rate.

Syphon - Medium

brass and clear glass table lamp

After the heat is removed and the steep has been finished, the pressure creates a vacuum within the lower chamber, pulling water through a filter into the upper chamber with coffee powder A medium grind is recommended.

French Press - Coarse

Clusters Coffee french press grind coffee beans

Depending on your French Press, aim for a grind that is just large enough to not pass through the filter.  You would experience some resistance while you press down on the filter.  

Moka Pot - Fine

Moka Pot is usually placed on stove top, making use of the steam produced to brew coffee. The best cup of coffee made with Moka Pot is to use a fine grind.

Espresso - Fine

Clusters Coffee espresso grind coffee beans

Espresso would require fine grind because the most important is to get a good crema for your cup.  Having a fine grind is important so that it helps to increase the pressure required to push the water through the filter.  It really depends on the filter size of your espresso machine; if the grind its too fine, there might be a risk of blocking the filter. 

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