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Tea has withstood the test of time and has been adapted in many forms. Every emerging year has brought with itself some new tea trend that has further evolved and morphed until it has found its own acceptable niche in the world.

The Jasmine tea is one such tea trend that has now gained amazing popularity to be accepted as a tea type in itself. The floral tea blend has an extremely delicate flavour and immense number of added advantages, which makes it one of the most indomitable tea trends to have hit the market until date.    

Major health benefits of Jasmine green tea    

Clusters Coffee Jasmine Loose Tea Leaves Health Benefits

The Jasmine tea blend is not just an amazingly flavourful beverage but it packs a wallop of health benefits. It is a perfect beverage blend for all seasons and can be consumed as both hot and cold preps.     

1.  Antioxidant powerhouse

The jasmine green tea blends are particularly high in antioxidants, which can help fight the damage that your body incurs with everyday pollution and modern lifestyle stress. It can actually help reverse signs of aging with continued use over a long term.    

2.  Helps soothe indigestion

The mild tea has amazing restorative effect on mild indigestion and nausea symptoms. It is therefore a great option when you are winding down from an especially stressful day.    

3.  Promotes accelerated weight loss

Pair a cup of jasmine green tea with your regular exercise regimen and you can see accelerated weight loss results as well as a healthy glow to your skin. The tea blend helps detoxify your system to promote a boost in metabolism naturally.    

4.  Calming anxiety

Consistent research has found the jasmine tea blends to be especially calming to anxiety and nervous disorder symptoms. It can help reduce panic attacks and maintain your stress equilibrium. The floral smell helps induce aromatherapy effects and can help regulate better sleep patterns.    

5.  Cancer preventative properties

While in itself, Jasmine tea might not be a cure, but it is an effective prevention against cancer. The tea blend (especially with green tea bases) have a high level of EGCG polyphenols that form a strong defence against free radicals and carcinogenic germs that might lead to the advent of the disease in the organ systems.    

6.  Regulates sugar level

A cup of jasmine green tea can effectively regulate sugar levels and is one of the most recommended beverages for diabetes and insulin dependent patients.

How is Jasmine tea prepared?    

Clusters Coffee Jasmine Tea Loose Tea Leaves Preparation

Jasmine tea is a scented tea blend. It can be prepared by adding the jasmine aroma to any base tea type. Although the blend is prepared with all types of tea, oolong, white, black or green, it often shows the best result when paired with the milder tea types. White or green tea are the best base types for a jasmine tea blend.     

To prepare the blend, the base tealeaves are mixed with a proportionate volume of jasmine blossoms. The blend is slowly heated in the oven or even sun baked to allow the maximum aroma infusion in to the base tealeaves. The trick is to introduce the heat at lower levels, constant temperature for a longer duration to allow for maximum scented leaves without disrupting the flavour profile of either the flowers or the base tea.

Steps on how to choose the best Jasmine tea blend

  1. Make sure to check that the floral scent is natural and not overpowering. Usually a stronger floral scent might indicate inorganic or synthetic aroma having been paired with the natural tea.
  2. Always, check for any trademark guarantees that reflect that the tea blend uses young buds of the base tea. That has the most natural flavour as well as cache of health benefits.
  3. Usually, tea bags are prepared with fine tea dust and ground tealeaves. It is sometimes difficult to predict the age of the tealeaves used in such cases.
  4. In case of delicate blends such as Jasmine tea, organic loose tealeaves are a better bet. They have a better assurance of the age of the base leaves. You can also find varieties that include the aged Jasmine blossom along with the led to assure maximum flavour infusion during the preparation of the tea.

If you have not tried the Jasmine tea blend yet, our organic loose leaf Jasmine tea blend is a great place to start (also fair trade certified).  We have carefully selected and hand picked the tea leaves and infused with Jasmine to give you the best experience from farm to cup.

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