We are Clusters Coffee!
Clusters is a group of similar things or people positioned that are closely together.  Our name is derived from the same concept, our mission is here to gather single origin coffee lovers together and deliver the best single origin coffee for everyone to experience.

Founder of Clusters Coffee
Founder of Clusters Coffee, Patrick Ng, has been working as an engineer for more than 30 years.  Due to his love in single origin coffee, he decided to follow his passion.  Patrick travelled all the way from Hong Kong to Vietnam, working as a volunteer in the coffee farm in order to learn the steps from seed to cup, as well as looking for good quality single origin coffee and tea leaves throughout Asia to share across the world.

During his time in Vietnam, Patrick was lucky enough to be interviewed by Ho Chi Minh City Television – HTV9’s programme: “Câu Chuyện Từ Trái Tim (Stories from the heart)” to share his passion on single origin coffee.

Partners at Clusters Coffee are qualified by Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) for Q Processing Level 1 & 2.  Q Processing is a qualification that designed for coffee professionals about coffee processing methods.  All of our Clusters Coffee beans have been selected and processed based on the same methodology and practices to ensure the best is delivered to your door.